August 4, 2020

8.15.05, Debbie Murray

name: Debbie Murray

I can’t express to you my sorrow for what happened to your son. It is this type of senseless ‘incident’ not accident that leaves families not clear on what to do next. I was online this morning trying to find out how to obtain a 911 tape for the death of my brother and your website was sitting right there in my search. Though my brother was 34yrs in age, he died under questionable circumstances .It seems the only people interested in finding the truth are the families. We have had NO cooperation from the police so far and I would have to assume that my brother wasn’t important enough to matter. Your story doesn’t give me much encouragement that we will get a lot of cooperation from the local police agencies, but your story DOES give me motivation to not sit back and allow his death to be unnoticed. My brother and I were actually raised in Ocoee back when it was called ‘the boonies’. Funny how I come across a web site leading back to where our lives began. God does work in the strangest ways. Blessings to you and your family

Debbie Murray
Orlando, Florida

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