August 4, 2020

6.19.06, Jennifer

name: Jennifer
city: Palm Bay
state: fl
zip: 32907

story: Last night I caught part of the news and only heard the law had passed something house, senate.. I don’t know… But as I was watching it chills came over me and all I could think about was the morning I wake up to Scott calling me to tell me what happened. A moment which changed my entire outlook on life.
The funny thing was at the same time last I was watching the news last night and heard the story and the chills came on – My daughter who was close to Justin came out and said she saw it too and had the chills also…. Maybe Justin was with us and letting us all know he was glad that we haven’t forgotten him!!!

We will never forget Just we will always remember that big smile that lighted up every room you were ever in!

We love and miss you
Jennifer and Hailey

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