5.25.10 Rebecca

Name: Rebecca

Lakeland FL

Story: In Memory Of My Amazing Friend Stacy Lynn Gloe Here’s Her Story… Stacey Is A amazing person and was loved and still is loved by everyone that knows her. Stacey’s family and friends were always put 1st in her life before herself or anything else she had to do. No one ever thought Stacey would be taken all the suddenly like this from everyone who loved and cared for her. But on July 8,2007 i got that horrible phone call that she had been killed. Stacey had gone to a party some friends and i were suppose to go but we got in trouble for skipping school but we didn’t know who had rated on us for not going and we figured it was someone we knew. Stacey knew there was a hole and drugs being passed around after going to this party one of her older guys friends ask Stacey and her guy friend Chris if they wanted to come hang at his house he had some alcohol there so Chris and her decided to go ahead and leave they felt safe about going over. well Stacey decided not to drink but Chris was she went into the back bedroom of the older friends house and fell asleep this was earlier in the morning time. Chris deiced to call his parents and tell them to unlock the door he was heading home and he told the older guy friend he would be back to get Stacey in a few hours just to let her sleep and be back for her later that morning. no one but the older guy friend really knows what happen between the time Chris headed home till the till Lakeland police department was called to the older friends house. All we know is Stacey took nine stabs to her body to in the chest and seven in the back they said she didn’t feel it after the 2nd one hit her spinal cord and at 4:00 am is was already gone she died at the seine. Yes Stacey didn’t deserve to die like this she never did anything wrong to deserved the way she died. Stacey would have never hurt anyone like she was hurt that horrible morning. The older friend was arrested and taken to jail he tried to claim self- defense. He had no reason to take my best friend, sister and daughter away from us never. Yes Stacey wasn’t always best dressed or most popular. But that is what made her Stacey and so special to all of us she made an impact on. Stacey was a true and loyal friend to all around her. The Older Guys Who Took Stacy from us now is spending the rest of his life in person and that better then just letting him of with death he will have to think about what he did to Stacey for the rest of his life till he dies and that is great justice done for her and us all that lost her on that horrible day. Stacey Will always hold a dear and special place in my heart forever. We know we will all be together one day when the time is right and god wants us to be reunited but that is his choice and for now that means we need to try and find peace in our hearts and move forward in what we are doing for her and other like her. God took her for a great reason will never know why till the time is right and were ready for the truth. I think Stacey saved one of our lives that night Stacey passed away and i have always thought it was meant to be one of us and she took are place when it happened. Stacey always smiled and made everyone’s day better no matter if she was having a horrible day or a great day she was always there not matter what she never let anything get in her way of life.

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