August 4, 2020

4.7.08 Beth

Name: Beth

State: Alabama

Email: [email protected]

Comments: Hi. I was just looking through Sunday’s paper when I saw the obituary (memorial) to Justin, and I decided to look at the website listed. Do you mean to tell me that the boy who killed your son was NEVER charged with anything? That is horrible!!! I am appalled. The only reason his blood alcohol level was under .10 is because he left for 3 hours! I feel so bad for you guys. The worst thing is, is that this boy will drink and drive again. That’s what happens when there is no punishment. Mark my words, HE WILL DO IT AGAIN. I knew someone who killed a 17 year old girl while drinking and driving and only served 3 years. Guess what? The day he got out of jail, he was right back at it again. I actually never wrote an e mail to a stranger, but this story really pushed my buttons. I hope that your family can heal, and I hope that karma comes around and gives that boy a swift kick in the ass!

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