August 4, 2020

4.4.05, Jennifer Selph

name: Jennifer Selph
city: Palm Bay
state: FL
email: [email protected]

story: I didn’t grow up in Ocoee so I only got to know Justin for a short time, but in that time I learned from him what I wanted out of life. Life isn’t about the present it is about the future. You never know how long you will be here and when god calls for you it is your time to go. I always think that god called for Justin because he needed some one up there with a great sense of humor and a teamplayer to get the team started so it was ready for the rest of us when we got there. He saw how Justin always made us laugh and brought so much joy to ours lives and thought he found a perfect match.

He forgot one small thing though when he took Justin.. He forgot to let him say good bye to all of us.

That is something I will never forget. The last time I told Justin good bye….He had just finished dinner and was walking out the door and Hailey (my oldest daughter) stopped him and said “where’s my kiss big man”. Justin with his sense of humor replied… “I gotta save those kisses for the ladies”. Then, gave Hailey a kiss and said “you’ll always be my favorite lady”. He turned to me and said “watch out for her she is going to be a heart breaker one day” and closed the door behind him. That was a couple days before the accident.

I often wonder what kind of father Justin would have been because he was always awesome with my girls and I can thank him for the sarcasim he taught Hailey. So needless to say I still have a little piece of Justin right here.

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