4.4.05, Ashley Roseberry

name: Ashley Roseberry
city: Orlando
state: FL
zip: 32809
email: [email protected]

story: I recently lost a dear friend of mine to a drunk driver. She was a mother of 2 beautiful little girls, aunt to two more, and beloved sister and friend to many others. She was killed on North Orange Blossom Trail in Apopka. That same man who took her life took the life of her children’s father and fiancee who was riding in the car with her. Luckily, the life of their youngest daughter was spared as she was asleep in her car seat in the back seat. We thought for sure justice would be served as the man who killed them suffered a broken leg and was sent to the hospital for questioning. The officers told us a week ago that the case must have “slipped through the cracks” as the man was released, never charged, and has now disappeared.

I commend you on your fight for justice. These times have been so hard and as I read Justin’s story I feel for you as I know the frustration firsthand. I have grown up in Orlando, and in my 22 years on this earth I have lost too many loved ones, but never have I had to look into the eyes of a sad little girl and tell her that her mommy didn’t leave her because she is mad at her, but that God has taken her home with him and that she is watching over her everyday.

The man that killed my friend made a choice to get behind the wheel, I can’t help but wonder what his choice would have been if he could hear those little girls crying for their mommy and daddy at night…

Even though times are so hard now, you have helped me realize that you can’t stop fighting for what is right. Don’t ever stop your mission to help this from happening to someone else, you have given me that extra hope that one day justice really will be served.

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