August 4, 2020

4.25.05, Gram Mitchell

name: Gail(Gram)Mitchell
email: [email protected]

story: There are far too many memories to put down for you Justin, for every single day you were growing up was a wonderful memory, from the day you were born thru all our Christmas eve’s at Gram’s. Your gentle nature, kindness, love and compassion are some of the wonderful qualities you had. As you grew from just a “preemie” you then became a “gentle giant” to me. Always respectful to everyone. I was the last visitor to be with you, as I kissed you, took off my cross and put it on you, I know it is safe with you Just.

I miss you more then anyone knows. Life goes on but it could never be the same. Every April when we have the time change, it is the time change that forever changed our lives.
Rest in peace Just, save my seat and keep smiling down as the brightest star in the sky. You gave me such gentle hugs, I send them to you.

FOREVER LOVED, by your Gram, Papa & Jeff

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