August 4, 2020

3.3.05, Megan Bruce

name: Megan Bruce
email: [email protected]

story: Well…i got the chance to meet justin , my brother sean bruces sophomore year at WO where he got the chance to play ball with justin. Justin was the funniest guy i had ever met. He just called me lil bruce. or bruces sister. He will never be forgotten for his humor or great ways he got through to everyone. The last memory i have with justin, was at a WO baseball game when i went to see my brother play at Timber Creek and Justin and Darren and the whole anderson family were there. He talked to me for all of about 10 minutes and i will never forget the talk we had…about which boyfriend i have switched to now. He was a great guy and will never be forgotten. Whenever i step on the diamond i think about him back there catching. Rest in Peace Justin and your mom and dad will finally get this thing done and get Justice for you ! Youre terribly missed.

Megan Bruce
Currently in Elkins
But home in Windermere FL.

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