3.28.06, Brian

name: Brian Gilbert (Gibby)
email: [email protected]

story: I have been following Justin’s story very closely these last couple of years. Some of my best baseball memories came as a teammate of Justins on various teams. I would always ask the coach when I got a call to play on a traveling team who else would I be playing with and if Justin’s name was mentioned then thats all I needed. Playing at Boone High School never seemed to bother Justin, he treated my like his teammate no matter what side I was on.

As a friend of Justin’s I am so proud of how his family has used Justin’s legacy to stir change and improve our way of life. Thank you so much for your effort and I see why Justin was such a wonderful friend. It is because of his family, there is no doubt he was truely blessed.

I will continue to pray for you that God gives you strength and wisdom to carry on your quest for Justice for Justin.

A quick story: My favorite memory of Justin is also the first time I ever played with him. We both made the Ocoee Allstar team my first year playing there and made it to regionals which were being held in Cocoa Beach. The night before our first regional game Justin and I went down to the beach to strategize about who should pitch, what our lineup should be and since I played short-stop we talked about what signs he would give me if he decided we should pick someone off if they happened to make it to second. We talked for hours that night and I really got to know Justin. He was so passionate about baseball and he had a way of revitalizing that spirit within me. I remember loosing the championship game and Justin taking it hard because he really thought we had the team that could go all the way. By the time we got back to Orlando Justin was full of life an excitement again because he had already figured out in his mind how we could improve the next year and be even better.

Justin’s spirit will always remind me that tomorrow is a new day. He has touched so many lives and I am so thankful I could call him my friend.

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Justin McWilliams in baseball catcher's gear

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