August 4, 2020

2.25.05, Cathy Dixon

I just finished reading Justin’s story and it absolutely breaks my heart. I lost a friend years ago to the hands of a drunk who got away with it due to a loop hole. To this day this man is living his day to day life with no worries or concerns. In my heart I know that when his time comes he will pay for what he did.

I just wanted to say that I respect what you are doing. We have too many people in this world today that don’t think before they react and it just seems like it gets worse and worse. If you guys can get students, or anyone for that matter, to listen and practice thinking first then I think that maybe one day this will turn out to be a better world. We need more people like you and your family around.

Good luck with everything!

Cathy Dixon
Executive Secretary
Orlando, FL

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