August 4, 2020

11.8.04, Joshua Muse

name: Joshua Muse
email: [email protected]

I have spent the last years of my life thinking that if I just ignore things then I will never have to come to grips with them. Finally I am willing to face things. Justin was the most amazing person I have ever had the privilege to know. I had the honor of knowing and loving him for 5 years and he treated me with the same love and appreciation that he did with people he knew his entire life. Through thick and thin I could always call Justin if I needed something and he would be there in no time. In his short time on this planet he accomplished more as a human being than any of us can hope to accomplish in ten lifetimes. Justin did not only bring me love and laughter, but he gave me something to live for and a reason to live life to the fullest. For this I will forever be in debt to him. I do not mourn his death but tearfully celebrate his amazing life. I only hope that fifty years from now I will once again be able to stand by his side and just experience the joy that surrounds him. I feel as though I lost a brother that I took for granted and only hope that I can be forgiven and respectably live my life in honor of him. Justin, thank you for being my friend.

Joshua Muse

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