August 4, 2020

11.3.04, Cori Yarckin

To Justin…Love, Cori~

Everyone knows that Justin was someone special. I only got to know him in high school, but even with such a short time period, I can definitely say this was true. The thing I loved the most about him was his sense of humor. He wasn’t just a funny kid, he was absolutely hilarious. You know the kind of laugh that comes from deep down in your gut? Justin was able to make me laugh that hard everyday. He really was a joy to be around. Sometimes he would be a little more calm, and it was those times that I was really able to see Justin’s heart… and believe me, he had a big one. One of the most lasting memories I have of him a song we used to sing together. It was James Taylor’s “You’ve Got a Friend.” We would sing it in baby voices while at the same time doing fake sign language to the words. It may sound ridiculous, but it always made me laugh. And that is what Justin was so good at, making people smile. I still miss him terribly and I believe that everyone who was close to him feels the same way. He was such and incredible person and even though he is not here with us any longer, his smile and the ones that he gave us all will live on in our minds and hearts forever.

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