10.5.09 Laurie

Name: Laurie Broadus

Comments: I’m a mother who lost a Son suddenly, to a car crash April,11 2006 there were two cars that left the scene. The detective said no contact was made, he caused his own accident and death then closed the case. He did not just go out of control for no reason. I also was Justice for Shawn Broadus,he was 18 when God called him home. the worst day of my life. I started a facebook cause, Parents In The Fast Lane. started in march 376 members strong. 3 other moms and myself have also started Mars cfl. Mothers Against Racing On the Street. We each lost our sons to street racing. we are going to fight for tuffer penalties, The Lewis Rivia Ortaga street racing act. Our website is up but not compleat. marscfl.com check out our video right under the pome on our home page. We are just getting started. it has been almost 4 years since my sons death. Emily the newest member, lost her son June 14th 2009 he was runover. The kid left the scene and 4 days later turned himself in. They will be going to court at the end of this month. She is really having a hard time, but Debbie and myself are helping to keep her strong. Please contact me I would like to meet with you, we are going to start a non profit organization in memory of our sons. Laurie Broadus I have lived in orlando all my life, Mars MOMs will be going to the schools also to reach the teens of today. They are not invincible, we have to help them see. Thank-you for sharing your story. looking forward to our first conversation. we have a lot in common.

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