August 4, 2020

1.31.07, jojo

name: jojo jessee
email: [email protected]

story: I read the memo you put in the orlando sentinel and decided to look up the website I must tell you how awesome of parents you truly are.When I was 11 I had a 9 year old brother and we built a dirt cave well i stood on it and it collapsed and he died.I WATCHED MY PARENTS DRINK THEIR SELVES TO DEATH.I ADMIRE THAT YOU TOOK JUSTINS 20 YRS.AND MADE IT SHINE.IM 36 NOW AND STILL HAUNTED WITH MY BROTHERS ACCIDENT WHICH I SOMETIMES FEEL IT WAS ALL MY FAULT,THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT FEELING I RECEVIED WHEN I READ HOW AWESOME JUSTIN IS. GOD BLESS.

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