1.23.05, Brinda Green

name: Brinda Green
email: [email protected]

In reading today’s Orlando Sentinel (1/23/05), I came across the In Memoriam section listing Justin’s name, unfortunately my family will be placing a similar column later this year. My condolences to your family. In reading Justin’s story, my family has encountered the same issues with the State Attroney’s office, public servants who could care less about the victim and their families. Public servants who seem to care more about the assailant or accuser than what they are paid to do which is to seek justice in the name of the victim foremost and the families who only recourse is to hope that the Prosecutor does his or her job without bias. Too many families have been hurt and destroyed with no other means to get justice for their loved one who has been killed or murdered. Our case is coming up for trial soon and no outcome will suffice due to the lack of concern and competence of the State Attorney’s office. As you have mentioned in your story, they choose not to file additional charges – we were told that it was at there discretion not ours and pretty much there was nothing we could do about it, however we will speak out every opportunity we get we will denounce and display our total dissatisfaction with our elected official State Attorney Lawson Lamar and his underlinges in particular Vose, Foster and Drane-Burdick. It’s it totally unfortunate that we have to rely on these people to get any means of justice for our loved ones.

Peace and Joy.

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