August 4, 2020

1.10.07, Jenette

name: Jenette Holgerson
email: [email protected]

story: Thankyou so much having the laws changed! On Oct.10,2006 my ex-husband (my daughters father) was rear ended by an off duty Miami Dade cop named Michael Alayon. This officer allegedly left Ryland (Rick) Nye in the road to be run over numerous times. The result of his leaving the scene was an eight car pile-up that killed Rick and shut down 595 for 6 hrs. Thanks to you this officer will now be charged under the guidelines. My question is how (or if) we can change the laws to have Officers, EMT’s etc… people with medical and first aid training held to a higher standard than the average citizen? Police officers are supposed to be trained to deal with accident scenes. Thankyou again.

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