August 4, 2020

03.15.11 Kristin Swanson-Mace

Name: Kristin Swanson-Mace

Email: [email protected]


My 20 year old son, Collin Mace, died on October 5, 2010 due to an accidental
drug overdose – ecstasy. My world crumbled and my heart exploded that day. It
was truly the worst moment of my life when I was told that he was gone.Collin is
my oldest of 4 boys. His brothers are 14, 12 and 10. They miss their brother
and don’t quite understand what has happened. Collin graduated from TCHS in
2008 and was a gifted musician. He was accepted to The Musician’s Institute in
Los Angeles and had his whole life ahead of him. Collin made a choice to use
drugs and died as a result. Shortly after Collin’s death, I received a call from
Jamie McWilliams. We have known each other for years and she reached out
to me because she understood the pain and loss that we are experiencing. Today
I attended Jamie’s talk at Lake Brantley High School. She warned the students
about the consequences of making poor choices which in our case was the death
of our oldest children. I am so proud of Jamie and the work that she has done in
the wake of her own personal tragedy. Thank you.

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