Email from Daphne

This is an email from Daphne Pfaff, recipient of Justin’s cornea dated February 11, 2006

So glad your bill is moving forward through the hoops again! It truly takes someone committed to the passage of such a bill to bring it off. Thank heaven for your dedication, another of the very special legacies of Justin – a true contribution to the Justice in your slogan.

I tackled my computer both days you were in committee hearings and was disappointed that you were not on the live broadcasts. Maybe next time. I have the link saved so I can access it whenever it might be helpful.

Spring is coming, the fourth anniversary of my “Easter Miracle.” I am reflecting back on my life and its changes since then. The gift of my vision has truly expanded my life and I believe made significant contributions to many others through my activities. This is part of seeing the world, but has also benefited our hospital as I look at the growing ranks of hospital clowns I have trained (14 active presently) and the manual that I have put together for their training. Clowns may seem a small piece but the joy and laughter they spread among the sick and injured, the anxious friends and relatives and the tension relieving of sometimes uptight staff is important.

In April I will be on the road to service clubs, etc. with my “dog and pony” show about the impact and importance of organ and tissue transplant. Vetted by Toastmasters and listed as part of their Speakers Bureau, I hope that will also have an impact. By the way, did you see the article in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, January 20, 2006, under REVIEW & OUTLOOK An Incentive to Give?

I just received a note from John Addario, a Tampa Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research, Inc. contact I made through you at the ANET meeting last year, informing me that the calendar of recipients to which he submitted my name was overwhelmed and I did not survive the selection process. It pleases me to know that there are so many of us out there fighting the same cause.

Last e-mail I told you about contacting Jessica Kardas and through her, Dudley Goodlette. Today I will move on to our State Senator, Burt Saunders who is a sort-of friend. We worked together on a few things before he was elected to serve so far afield. If it would be helpful to do more than submit the small letter informing him that I am the recipient of the cornea of the young man whose mother now is behind that Senate Bill 276 so I am very hopeful that he will support it any way he can that I have, just let me know.

My best to Mark in his healing. What a time he has had. I hope there are people close to him to keep him smiling. He has a lovely one and it does help the healing to go faster.


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